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Time has a value of its own in research. Save it. 

Consumers move fast. Gain the insights and intel you need in order to keep up with changes in the market in a high-speed, reliable manner. 


Sometimes, it's about being first. 

Be one step ahead of the competition. We strive to inform and make our clients understand in-depth consumer and competitive behavior through intelligent data structure, filtering out noise. 


No room for mistakes. 

Data is measured to perfection at ARGUS, and making decisions based on what customers do (not what they say they do) has never been easier. Trust our data. 

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Innovation in data analysis

is in our DNA. 

In our previous jobs, we found ourselves frustrated by the same data collection and analysis methods, as they were too narrow and restricted. Having to wait months, and not trusting what customers say they do, we took it as a challenge to create a platform that could deliver reliable data to companies, helping them monitor the impact of their decisions and react as necessary. 

We wanted to deliver a service that could generate vast quantities of data every day - even every minute. We knew that there was a way that data collection could deliver meaningful insights. 

Consumer geo-behavior insights proved to be the key. 

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