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Abstract Background

Data-Driven Decisions

Whether you're a marketer, entrepreneur, investor, head of expansion, operations or any other professional, Argus Analytics provides you with the intelligence you need. 

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Trade Area

Store Coverage Area

Generated based on visit frequency and intensity. 


Geolocation | Cartography | Mobility

Through geolocation data analysis, keep a constant eye on store traffic and surroundings as you easily identify your most valuable advocates and be the first to know about any possible problems. 

  • Stores trade area

  • Customer's living and working area

  • Mobility areas

  • Arrival and departure routes

  • Average distance travelled

  • Population analysis by trade area

  • Data of Points of Interest

  • Customers by primary and secondary trade area (Floating Population)

Customer Profile 

SES | Geolocation | Cartography | Mobility

Gain deep insight into consumer patterns and behavior instantly and discover how to best engage and activate your audiences across multiple channels. 

  • Socioeconomic status of trade area 

  • Socioeconomic status by censor area 

  • Cycles of visit by time slot 

  • Visit pattern analysis (Frequency) 

  • Time analysis by store 

  • Average annual budget by category expenditure

Competitive Environment

Geolocation | Cartography | Mobility

Understand competitive behavior and brand predisposition as you create strategies to enrich loyalty data and stay ahead of the game. 

  • Share of visit 

  • Share of customers 

  • Customer loyalty comparison vs. competition 

  • Average time analysis by store 

  • Fidelity cross-analysis 

  • Competitors customer profile 

  • Top and worst 10 stores

  • Top 10 competitor stores 


Other Services 

Find additional insights that are hidden to the eye with tailor-made data analysis and dashboards. 

  • Malls heat map or points of interest

  • Full potential growth plan (7-10 years)

  • Store opening and closing plans 

  • Store relocation 

  • Store variable analysis of success or failure

  • Ideal prototype design by kind of format 

  • Other

Connecting Dots
Connecting Dots

We help you monitor the impact of your decisions and react as necessary.


Our services provide businesses with vast opportunities, including highly significant insights into consumer behavior, increasingly accurate forecasts about industry activity and improved efficiency in general.  

Making decisions is no longer a gamble. 

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